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Essentia is dedicated to growing our footprint by helping our owners and franchisees maximize the value of their hotel investments. Whether working on a new build or conversion, or looking for management services or a franchise affiliation, Essentia provides the brands, tools and resources owners need to succeed.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Powered by innovation, Essentia’s platform drives top-line revenue and bottom-line cost savings.

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What We Do


Our teams are positioned to engage customers at all levels, and our total account management strategy gives clients and meeting planners a single point of contact, building long-standing relationships that grow business.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management team leverages sophisticated systems to execute pricing strategies and inventory management, aligning demand forecasting tools to maximise hotel revenue.

Digital Channels

Our strong marketing team helps us stay afloat in this digital world and also helps us reach our target market through the Coral website, social  media platforms and Online Travel Agent platforms.


Revenue increases largely because of our strong GDS which places the hotel’s information, availability and rates in prominent locations where it is easy for travel agents as well as our end customers to find valuable information easily & quick.

Cost Synergies

Our size and scale allow us to share costs and leverage market efficiencies through shared services, strong negotiated rates with intermediary partners. Our existing list of vendors helps us get favourable commission rates due to high volumes.